Setting up the Backup

To set up a backup in Windows 7, click/open My Computer, right-click on your local drive and select Properties.  Then click on the Tools tab and click the Back up now button.

Backup Now

In the Back up or restore your files window, click the link to set up a backup.

Set Backup

Windows will then search for a drive to store the backup.

“Do not back up files to the same hard disk that Windows is installed on. For example, do not back up files to a recovery partition.”

It is best to store the backup on an External Hard Drive or USB Drive.

1 external or network

You can have Windows choose what to backup or you can choose which files and directories to backup.


If you selected “Let me choose”, Select the files and folder to include in the backup.  You can select the option to create an image of your local drive.


From here you can review the backup job to make sure everything looks correct.


Here you can also schedule the days and times the backup occurs.


Save the backup settings and start your backup. While it runs you can monitor the progress.

in progress

Click the View Details button to see exactly what’s being backed up during the process.


When the backup is complete you will see the two backup files and image folder if you created one.


Double click on the backup file and yo can restore files or manage the size of the backups folder.


Restore Files from Backup

If you need to go back and restore a file from a backup click on Restore my files in the Backup and Restore Center.


Now you can browse or search the most recent backup for a file or folder your missing.


Next you can restore them back to the original location or choose a different spot then click Restore.


Progress of the restoration will vary depending on the size of the data and location it’s restoring from.