Crew Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should fill out this application?
~ All students interested in being a crew member for the current production.

Q. I have been in crew before, do I still need to fill this out?
~ Yes, you do. You will not be considered until a formal application is received and on file.

Q. I applied for crew before but I have never been cast, do I need to apply?
~ Yes, you need to apply. See above.

Q. I have been a cast member or a crew member in a previous St. Genevieve production, do I need to be interviewed?
~ If you have been a cast member or a crew member in a previous production an interview will not be necessary.

Q. I have applied to be a crew member before but I was never chosen, do I need to be interviewed?
~ Yes, you will need to be interviewed for this production.

Q. I was a cast member in a previous show but now I want to try to be a crew member, do I need to be interviewed?
~ You will not need to be interviewed but you must fill out an application to be considered for crew.

Q. Do I have to bring a printout of my grades?
~ No, you do not need to printout your grades. However, your grades must be in good standing as we will check them during your interview or prior to making final selections for positions.

Please fill out this form in its entirety. Make sure to READ THROUGH and REVIEW your application before you click submit.


If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact:
Mr. Christian de Guzman
Technical Director
(818) 644-1217
Last Name:
First Name:
Middle Name:
E-Mail Address:
Mobile Number: - -
Position Desired:
Choose at least one.

1. Who or what inspired you to join the production?

2. Have you been chosen to be a cast or crew member for any St. Genevieve Parish Schools production?

3. If you answered yes to question 2, list your list the shows you have been involed with including the position/role.
• If you are applying for the first time and answered no to question 2, list any experience you had in middle/elementary school.

4. Please write a brief paragraph about yourself.

5. List all the skills that you can contribute to the show.

6. The production takes place April 22, 23, and 24. Strike (set take-down and cleanup) will occur tentatively on Sunday April 25th and possibly on Monday the 26th. The attendance for strike is MANDATORY. Are there any reasons why you cannot attend strike? (e.g. previous engagements, plans or vacation, etc.)

7. In the weeks prior to and during production you will be required to stay late for rehearsals. You may also be required to be on campus on weekends. You may also be required to attend other activities that involve the production including but not limited to:
fundraisers, ticket sales, and promotional events. Are there any other extra curricular activities you are involved with that may conflict with rehearsal schedules?

Please list ALL extra curricular activities (including dates if possible) inside or outside of school that you are involved with. This includes but is not limited to: Success Program, Confirmation Classes, Sports, Athletic Clubs, Debut Practice, Band Practice, Wedding, etc.

8. Do you have any D's or F's in any of classes you are taking? Are you on academic or disciplinary probation?

9. If you answered yes to question number two (2) please write about your experiences during the previous production, both positive(s) and negative(s).

10. If you were a part of the previous production and DID NOT attend strike, please list the reason why.

11. Upload a photo of yourself here:

• Please crop to a headshot.
• Make sure your face is clearly visible.
• No full body pictures.
• No filters.
• No upside down or sideways pictures.
• Filetypes allowed: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF only.


Important Information! (New Applicants)

• The information you have submitted here is for reference only.
• Please answer honestly so that we may place you in a position/role that best suits your abilities.
• Having no prior experience WILL NOT automatically disqualify you from being selected for the production.
• Listing any scheduling conflicts WILL NOT automatically disqualify you from being selected for the production.
• Falsification of this application WILL automatically disqualify you from being selected.
• If you have applied to be a crew member before and have never been selected, you must attend your interview.
Make sure that your parent(s) or guardian(s) are aware of your interest in joining the crew.

Important Information! (Previous Crew Members)

• If you have been selected as a crew member or an actor in any St. Genevieve theatre production, this is for you.
• You do not need to be interviewed for this production, however, a formal application must be submitted to be eligible.
Make sure that your parent(s) or guardian(s) are aware of your interest in joining the crew.

If you are selected for the production.

• You are responsible for completing all school work, including homework, during the production.
• You will be given ample time to study/complete homework during rehearsals. NO EXCUSES!
• You are required to subscribe to the Edmodo Page for Theatre Productions.
• You are to be picked up by your parents/guardians within thirty (30) minutes at the conclusion of any
   production event, meeting, rehearsal, or show.
• You are also required to notify the directors twenty-four (24) hours in advance if you are not able to attend a
   production event, meeting, or rehearsal.

Please be advised. We are requesting that ALL cast and crew members of our musical productions pay a participation fee of $120 to help with costs. This does not include the $20 production shirt fee and the $10 meal fee. Because the expense of putting up professional productions with quality sound, elaborate sets , lavish costumes, and etc. is increasingly dear to the budget constraints of our school community, we are asking our actors and crew members to bear some of the responsibility in financing their show. Therefore, we are asking all musical participants to pay a total of $150.

Any unpaid fees may be added to your tuition account and may result in extra fees to be incurred. Your diploma may be withheld as a result of unpaid fees.

Refer to the student handbok for more info.

By inputting your initials below you agree that you have read and reviewed this application form in its ENTIRETY. If you are selected for a position in crew, you will be bound by the conditions of this application form and thus will serve as a binding contract.
Your initials:
Please make sure you have completely reviewed your application before clicking the submit button below.
Make sure that the email address you supplied above is valid and accessible by you.
A copy of your application will be sent to your E-Mail Address.


Good Luck!